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270 Minimum recommended calibre

Muzzle loading firearms must be minimum .50 calibre

Bow hunters may not use a long bow or re-curve bow requiring less than 40 pounds draw weight at a 28" draw, or a compound bow set at less than 40 pounds peak weight or an arrow using a broad head point less than 7/8" in width

Handguns and fully automatic weapons are prohibited

All firearms must be declared and registered with Canadian Customs when entering into Canada

Firearm Declaration Forms

All hunters must have a Hunter's Safety Certificate

Please bring your own rifles

"Any animal that has been considered a kill means your hunt is considered successful"

All reasonable efforts will be made to retrieve this animal.

Our bait sites are approximately 15/20 yards away from our tree stands.  We have 12 foot wooden  tree stands with a bench seat, great for a bow, rifle or crossbow shot.

Firearm restrictions


Arrow placement on a black bear

Shot Placement

The lungs on a bear are positioned a little more forward than on an ungulate, so you don't have as much leeway if you shoot back of your aiming point. For the shoulder/heart shot, which is popular for anchoring bears in their tracks, follow the centreline of the front leg up to the one-third point of the body.

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